Sjokoladepiken (The Chocolate Girl) is an old soul. For three generations, she has been a missionary for the love of chocolate.

The story begins in 1933 at Arne’s patisserie in Stavanger. My grandfather had traveled around Europe, and from Austria and Belgium he brought exclusive molds from which he crafted handmade chocolates. Among the shapes was a chocolate girl. This character became our trademark and a specialty of the cafe. A trip to Arne’s was an adventure in itself for people of all ages.

Many years later the memories of the chocolate girl popped up in the head of Elise. Together with her father Dag, who is a trained pastry chef, and her better half Eivind, she brought back to life the old characters and traditions, together with the desire to create something real and unique. A unique and versatile chocolate factory was up and running – the Chocolate Girl; named after that childhood memory.

Today, Chocolate Girl is a gem on the top shelf in the cafe. Standing tall and proud, she reminds us of the things that are important to us: the love and affection that goes into every product we make.

Welcome to Sjokoladepiken!

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